Jump Start from a Personal Coach

When I joined Weight Watchers this time around, there was a membership level that included online coaching with a Personal Coach. I’m not even sure if this option has always been available and understandably there is a significant price difference for that type of membership.

I opted to go with the online only membership as I had in the past. The promotion that I joined on included an offer of one free session with a Personal Coach. What could I possibly gain from a session with a Personal Coach, what could she tell me that I don’t already know? But, I had already made my mind up that “this time” was going to be different, so I thought I would try something different. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and take advantage of it and I scheduled the online session with the Coach, and I’m so glad I did.

My call with Peggy was so easy, it was like we already knew each other, she didn’t rush the 30-minute call, we talked about our dogs (because mine were barking the entire time) and other small talk before getting into developing my Action Plan.

At her suggestion, I agreed to create my meal plan for the following week on Saturdays, then grocery shop and cook/prep on Sunday. After over 5 months, I continue to do this each week (most people know that 5 months is a long time in the “diet” world).

At the time of our session in December, I committed to going to the gym 4 days a week by actually scheduling which days I would go. I never swayed from it and today I go to the gym 6-7 days a week, the only days I take off is to attend a 5K or a hike.

But the very best advice that Peggy gave me was to look into Podcasts. I mentioned to her that I was getting kinda bored on the treadmill (which is all I could do when I first started). At times, I was actually ending the workout because of boredom not fatigue. Peggy opened my eyes to Podcasts!! I love them and cannot get a good work out without them! I download my shows, which vary in length, my favorite show is about 60 minutes. I get so involved in the show that the hour flies by and I cannot wait until the next day to listen to the next show. Sometimes I’ll even extend my workout so that I can listen to 2 episodes.

Currently I’m listening to Half Size Me (free on iTunes). I started with episode #1, which I believe was from 2012. I’m listening to the episodes in order and still haven’t caught up to the current episodes. The content is mostly interviews with real people! Real people like me. Each day I hear something from one of the interviewees that I can relate to.  When I’m done with my daily morning workouts, I feel physically, mentally and emotionally regenerated and ready to take on my day.

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