Drink Your Water – Part 2

We all know how important proper hydration is for our overall health and skin. Yet many people still struggle with getting in enough water throughout the day.

Make it fun!! There are so many fun water bottles out there now, they make it easy for us to keep track of how many ounces we’re drinking each day.

My new obsession is Hydro Flaskflask. Yes, I know, they can be pricey, but in my opinion, so well worth their price tag. A cold drink will stay cold all day, even when left in the hot car for several hours. My hot coffee is still burning my mouth even 3 hours later. These flasks are durable and customizable and come in many sizes and fun colors.

I find it quite easy to drink 80-96 oz or more of water each day with these convenient bottles. Whatever you choose to drink out of, be sure your getting your water in each day.