Fitbit (updated)

Update: I’ve upgraded to the Fitbit Versa. Still loving it 🙂

I’ve had a Fitbit for a couple of years now. The weekly challenges with family and friends can be a lot of fun as you all motivate each other and see who can get the most steps. I started out with the Fitbit Zip which I purchased off of Ebay for about $35. This is the one that is on a clip and you can discreetly clip it anywhere. Mine was faithfully clipped onto my bra strap for years (even after a couple of accidental trips through the washing machine) it did all I needed it to do, which was count my steps. Knowing how many (or how little) steps you take on a daily basis is an easy way to start and to get yourself moving.

Since I’ve recently been getting more into fitness and my daily routine involves a lot more than just steps, I thought it was time to upgrade from my step tracker to a more advance device. After a little research of other brands and different price points, I stuck with Fitbit and went with the Alta HR.


Wearing the device on my wrist took some getting used to; I’m not one to wear a watch or much jewelry so it was quite awkward at first. Once that initial awkwardness wore off it was fine. I absolutely love it! I’m able to track my daily activity, as this device has exercise recognition, which is the feature that might be my favorite. After a workout not only are my steps registered but the device also knows if I was on the elliptical or on a hike or a bike ride. I don’t know how it knows, but it knows. Probably the most important feature is the heart rate monitoring. I’m still learning about this and trying to determine what my optimal heart rate is and how to reach it during my cardio workouts.
I use the Fitbit app to track my water intake and set exercise goals and weight goals.

You can also track calories in the app, but I use the Weight Watchers app for that. The Fitbit app syncs up with my Weight Watchers app so I never miss earning those precious Fit Points! The Alta HR also allows you to change the bands to different and fun colors.

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