Beats by Dre

When I first began going to the gym regularly, of course I had a nice pair of earbuds. They were probably the pair that came with my iPhone. I realize that earbuds are a must while at the gym, for me at least, they help me remain in my own little world and not worry about who’s watching me or how ridiculous this awkward overweight girl must look walking on the treadmill and attempting to use the machines.

I was having a realbeats difficult time be wired to my phone. I hated that I had to keep picking up my phone and re-positioning it as I changed my workout. Not only that, many times while swinging my arms I would pull the cord out of my phone, luckily, I never dropped my phone but I did witness many people drop their phones on the treadmill.

Shortly after I realized I was becoming a real “gym-rat” as I go daily, I invested in a pair of bluetooth over-the-ear earbuds and it’s been the best investment so far. I love them! I get my show (I listen to podcasts) cued up then I secure my phone in my backpack and move around freely.

It is a simple change, yet it’s made a huge difference in my mobility at the gym and when walk/running 5Ks. There are many different models depending on your budget and how important the sound quality is to you. I went with Beats wireless earbuds, which cost about $99. However, you can definitely a different brand for less.

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