Workout Clothes

Oh So Many Workout Outfits

I have lost 45 pounds now and really haven’t purchased many clothes. The main reason for that is I have plenty of old clothes that fit again. I have donated items as they get too big, but I had never got rid of the clothes when they got too small.

I had never owned good workout clothes. Whenever I would exercise, which was not often and never with the consistency that I do now, I would just wear sweatpants and t-shirts.

In early January, when I knew I was into fitness for the long haul, Fabletics ran a special for new members, an outfit for $10. Wow, what a deal. Not only is the quality of Fabletics incredible, but they can also be quite pricey. But $10 for leggings and a tank top? I went for it!

Once I put on a proper workout outfit I was hooked. I’ve tried many brands, cheaper brands, but you get what you pay for and those cheaper leggings are not the same quality and are often see through.

Lularoe Jade Leggings

Running a very close second to Fabletics is Lularoe. I know, Lularoe is known for their regular fun leggings and dresses, and most people don’t know they have awesome their workout leggings. I have a pair of Jade, which is the Capri length and I love them, but again they can be pricey.

What are perfect workout leggings to me? Very good quality, tight enough to hold any jiggle, but super comfy so that you can move easily and NOT see through! Oh and super cute and fun patterns that make you look and feel great.