Twelve 5Ks in 12-months!

Not bad for someone who started 2017 over 60 pounds heavier and could hardly walk without getting winded. I’m not saying I ran all 12 of the 5Ks this year, not even close, it was only the last two that I did more running than walking.


My goal for 2018 is to run an entire 5K (with no walking), and then maybe just maybe, attempt a 10K. I doubt I’ll ever go for any longer distances, but it is a great workout and it’s nice to get out of the gym once in a while and get some fresh air.

I have quite a nice collection of T-shirts and medals from 2017, some are super cute 🙂

Changing Plans

Well I did it, I survived my summer vacation. It is amazing how fast 4 weeks goes when you are on vacation. There was no big trip this year, so all the fun was kept local. I was worried about staying on my plan while being at home most of time and outside of my normal routine. I’m so proud of myself, I did great. If fact, I lost an additional 5 pounds while I was off work.

Not only did I on stay on plan, I also had some time to reflect. Although I love Weight Watchers and would recommend their program to anyone starting out on their weight loss journey, I began to think that perhaps I’ve outgrown Weight Watchers. Their Smart Points program is simple, fun and there is lots of support within the online Connect community, but I think I’m ready for more. I want to be more aware of what I’m actually eating, as in protein, fat, carbs, sugar, etc.

Last week I began transitioning from Weight Watchers to My Fitness Pal. The food tracker is very similar to WW, except that you get the details of how many calories you are eating and how many grams of Generation yprotein, carbs, fat and sugar. The mobile app is user friendly and My FitBit workouts are transferred to My Fitness Pal which creates a calorie adjustment.  It’s only been about a week, but so far I like this program, and it’s FREE 🙂

Summer is Here!

My summer vacation is finally here. I am an 11 month employee and that last month of work is always the hardest to get through, but I got through it, and now I’m off! I always plan to do all my chores and errands during the first week or two that I’m on vacation, so that I can have a good solid two weeks OFF doing nothing.free_15451417

Let’s see, what should I do with myself this summer while I’m off? Definitely the usual, shampoo my carpet, spend time with my mom, a trip to the outlet mall with my daughter, a beach weekend with my husband, and that’s about it! I’ll still have plenty of homework from my summer classes (I’m a full-time student, too), but the remainder of the time off will be spent just chilling out.

I am a bit concerned about how I will stay on my plan. I do very well with routines and consistency. I’ve managed to incorporate meal planning and prepping and daily workouts into my very busy work/school schedule. I want to keep it all up and I’m just worried that too much down-time will result in snacking and overeating or laziness.

My new healthy lifestyle has been pretty easy and even fun, but the next 4 weeks will be my first true test without a set schedule to follow, can I stay on plan? I think so, I’m confident that I have the correct mindset and can maintain on my plan during my 4 weeks of vacation. Wish me luck!

When Something “clicks”

Everyone has had the moment, that moment when something just “clicks” and you know it’s time. Time for what? Well that’s different for everyone. Maybe it’s the moment you realize it’s time to find a new job or end a bad relationship or go back to school or lose weight.

The moment for me began this past Thanksgiving 2016 when my sister-in-law posted a very unflattering picture of me on Facebook and tagged me! I was horrified. And sad. Had I really gotten that fat? Then, in early December, I needed to attend an evening event and not one pair of long pants fit me. I had to purchase a size 16, I cried. I hated those pants and the tag inside that read 16. By the time my birthday came around in later December, something finally clicked in my brain and I decided, “starting right now, I’m done with this crap!” Who’s in control of my life anyway? Me. I took responsibility on December 18, 2016 and now I take care of me and my body first, before everything else.

The timing couldn’t have been worse, it was just before Christmas, but I didn’t care. Taking control of my life and my health were more important to me than cheddar potatoes, or glazed ham, or the endless spread of Christmas cookies and treats. Come to find out it really wasn’t that hard to get through the holiday events, because something was different in my head this time. I didn’t want to put an excess of bad stuff in this body that I was trying to change. (Well, I did eat one tamale that my goddaughter made for her first time, and it was worth it.)

Even after about 6 months, I really don’t find it difficult to stay on track. I’m continuing to use the Weight Watchers method of counting points and really can eat whatever I want (if I have the points for it), but on most days I don’t want anything unhealthy. I’m trying to teach myself a new healthier way of eating and living, I’m not trying to quickly fix a weight problem, that part is coming along on its own naturally.

When that moment comes for you, and you will know when it does, listen to it.

I can’t believe I’m posting this. Thanksgiving 2016

Take a Hike!

Who knew there was an inner hiker in me that wanted to get out? Definitely not me. I’ve never been the “outdoorsy” type, I’m more of the indoor, air-conditioning type and even for a work out I prefer the controlled temp and conditions of a commercial gym.

After my husband and I completed a few 5Ks this year, we both realized we needed to take our weekend workouts up a notch, nothing too crazy but we wanted to challenge ourselves a little more. Someone suggested a local hike. I’ve heard about this hike before, everyone has done it so it’s probably not that bad, so we decided to give it a try.

Arriving at the base of the hike a 5:30am we were quite surprised to see the amount of people there. There are 2 different paths to take, go to the left and around the mountain is supposed to be a little easier and the suggested path for beginners.  Most people were going to the left. But we’ve been working about for 5 months and lost 70+ pounds between us, surely we could take the more difficult path and go to the right. Having never been on a hike before, I did not know what to expect on this 5 mile trek, I figured it would be like a walk only in the wilderness instead of the street or treadmill.

Mile 1 was pretty steep, I was surprised how steep in fact. It was dirt and loose gravel which was a challenge in a couple of places, you have to watch where you step to avoid tripping. I was breathing pretty hard during this first mile, by Mile 2 I could not catch my breath or breathe normally. This second mile seemed like it went on forever, it was so steep with very little leveling out. There were plenty of places to stop along the way, even some benches, or you can just stop to take in the view (which was beautiful), but I couldn’t stop.  I did not want to lose my momentum. I just kept going. The summit is around two and half miles up, there’s a gazebo to rest or take scenic photos. One quick selfie for us and we were back our way. The remainder of the way was more level and down-hill, I even ran in some spots.

Claremont Loop

It took me about an hour and half to complete. I was exhausted, my legs were dead, I was drenched in sweat, and starving. But all I could think about was next weekend and doing it again!

Our first hike 5/28/17

Celebrating Goals

A piece of advice I was given early on was to reward yourself for the small victories. All along the way I’ve rewarded myself with non-food related items as I reach each goal of losing 15 pounds, 20 pounds, 25, 30, etc.  I’ve given myself things like a manicure or new pair of work out pants or sneakers. At 30 pounds I celebrated by going to a local hot springs spa for the day.

This week I hit my first major goal … 40 pounds released forever!

I’ve already scheduled my reward of a facial for Friday.

I can’t believe I lost 40 pounds already, time to set a new goal … 10 more!

Meal Prep’n

I’ve come to love meal prepping! I look forward to Sundays when I spend some therapeutic time preparing lunches for the week for both me and my husband.

Each week, we will both have a huge salad, plus a smaller side lunch. We vary it from week to week, from chicken burritos to a meatball with veggies or as I made this week (my favorite) BBQ shredded chicken with roasted veggies.


Yes this amount of prep does take some time, but oh the time it saves during the work week! It’s such a relief to know I have a healthy (WW point friendly) meal for lunch everyday.

I also “plan” out my dinners for each night of the week, however I rarely prepare them in advance. I have plenty of time to cook, since I get home before my husband.

This method of planning and prepping has been key to my weight loss journey so far. I’m able to plan out my meal (and SmartPoints) for the week and this has helped me stay on track. I’ll even plan days ahead if we’re planning to attend a Dodger Game or Concert or a family event.

Jump Start from a Personal Coach

When I joined Weight Watchers this time around, there was a membership level that included online coaching with a Personal Coach. I’m not even sure if this option has always been available and understandably there is a significant price difference for that type of membership.

I opted to go with the online only membership as I had in the past. The promotion that I joined on included an offer of one free session with a Personal Coach. What could I possibly gain from a session with a Personal Coach, what could she tell me that I don’t already know? But, I had already made my mind up that “this time” was going to be different, so I thought I would try something different. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and take advantage of it and I scheduled the online session with the Coach, and I’m so glad I did.

My call with Peggy was so easy, it was like we already knew each other, she didn’t rush the 30-minute call, we talked about our dogs (because mine were barking the entire time) and other small talk before getting into developing my Action Plan.

At her suggestion, I agreed to create my meal plan for the following week on Saturdays, then grocery shop and cook/prep on Sunday. After over 5 months, I continue to do this each week (most people know that 5 months is a long time in the “diet” world).

At the time of our session in December, I committed to going to the gym 4 days a week by actually scheduling which days I would go. I never swayed from it and today I go to the gym 6-7 days a week, the only days I take off is to attend a 5K or a hike.

But the very best advice that Peggy gave me was to look into Podcasts. I mentioned to her that I was getting kinda bored on the treadmill (which is all I could do when I first started). At times, I was actually ending the workout because of boredom not fatigue. Peggy opened my eyes to Podcasts!! I love them and cannot get a good work out without them! I download my shows, which vary in length, my favorite show is about 60 minutes. I get so involved in the show that the hour flies by and I cannot wait until the next day to listen to the next show. Sometimes I’ll even extend my workout so that I can listen to 2 episodes.

Currently I’m listening to Half Size Me (free on iTunes). I started with episode #1, which I believe was from 2012. I’m listening to the episodes in order and still haven’t caught up to the current episodes. The content is mostly interviews with real people! Real people like me. Each day I hear something from one of the interviewees that I can relate to.  When I’m done with my daily morning workouts, I feel physically, mentally and emotionally regenerated and ready to take on my day.


I’m not much of a writer and I certainly never thought I would start a blog, but here I am. Recently I began my journey into a new healthy lifestyle and I’m loving it!

As I am discovering new things about healthy living and about myself, I want to share it all with EVERYONE. I am also finding that those close to me are growing tired of hearing about it.

I try not to start a conversation about my weight loss, as I don’t want to seem as though I’m bragging (but, ya I am) but once someone brings it up I find myself getting on a roll and talking about everything from Weight Watchers, to my gym routine, to my FitBit, to my new workout outfit …. once I start into my ramble I quickly notice the boredom and lack of interest. I’m working on learning to accept a simple compliment and not take it as a request for information.

One of the many new things I’ve come across lately is so many inspirational and motivational stories that people have to share. That is part of the reason I decided to start a blog. Mostly I’ll be able to share some of my experiences during my weight loss journey, and share some of my tips and tricks I’ve used and maybe somewhere along the way I can provide some inspiration and motivation to someone else.

Mostly I want to ramble on and on to others that have the same interests and actually want to hear what I have to say. So, welcome to my blog and I hope I can grow it a bit and extend to more like-mined people. Please subscribe so you don’t miss anything and of course any feedback would be greatly appreciated.